February 18, 2010

Use The Memory Card To Print The Photos In A Local Photo Lab

The memory card which sits inside your digital camera is an extremely useful thing to have.  Not only does it store the photos as you take them, it can also be taken to your local photo lab so you can print photos that are on it.

There are two ways you can do this.  If you have just taken a number of photos that you want to have printed, just take the card out of the camera and take it to the lab.  If you have older pictures sitting on your computer that you want to have printed you can insert the memory card into the slot on your computer (if you have one) and drop the required pictures onto it.

The photo lab will have a machine you can use to order your photographs.  You simply insert your memory card and it will read what is on there and display all the pictures on the screen of the machine.  You can then choose which ones you want to have printed.  This is good because it means you don’t have to sort your photos out before you get to the lab – you can do it there instead.

Depending on the machine at the lab you might be able to get your pictures printed out there and then using the machine itself.  In other cases your order will be processed and send through to the lab itself via the machine.  You then go back an hour or so to collect the finished prints.

One thing you must remember is to take the memory card in a proper case when you take it to the lab.  Not only are they quite small and easy to lose, you can also damage them by getting dust or dirt in them.  Only take it out of its protective case when you need to use it.  Alternatively you can always keep the memory card in the camera and take that with you instead.

But however you do it, using your memory card to get prints made at your local photo lab is an excellent choice.

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