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ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame (VFD820-70)

ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame (VFD820-70)
VFD820-70 8-Inch digital photo frame features ultra slim frame design to compliment any décor at home or in the office to showcase your long lasting memory. The beautiful memories come alive with high resolution 800 x 600 screen for brilliant picture quality. Rich features include auto on/off, light sensor and LED backlight for power saving. With calendar and clock features, VFD820-70 is a functional piece of décor that showcases your memories in style.
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Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Ema

Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email - Online Providers - iPhone & Android app - DLNA and more (Black)
Digital photo frames are the perfect gift idea for parents and grandparents because they make it easier to enjoy their children's, grandchildren's and other family pictures. However, updating pictures to the frame is usually not convenient; most of the time, the only way to do this is to use a USB or a SD card, or to connect the frame directly to a computer. Grandparents and technologically-challenged relatives struggle with this; and this cannot be done remotely. Pix-Star Wi-Fi frames addresses this issue in a very smart and simple way, by using photo-mails. Pix-Star provides users with multiple convenient possibilities to transfer pictures to the device, the easiest one being to send pictures as an attachment by email (photo-mails) to the frame’s own and dedicated email address. It’s as simple as that! Instantly receive photos from those you love from anywhere in the world using photo-mails! This frame is part of the Pix-Star's desire to make photo sharing easier and to bring generations together through easy technology. Now, no matter where your photos or the photos of your friends and family reside, you can be certain you will be able to access them. Sharing pictures is now easier than ever. Pictures are taken everyday, most are shared on social networks or forever doomed to stay on a digital camera or computer. Thanks to the connectivity and ease of use, Pix-Star brings generations together and helps reduce the feeling of loneliness and distance. EASY TO CONFIGURE, EFFORTLESS TO USE, WITH POWERFUL FEATURES AND A FREE,UNLIMITED STORAGE ONLINE ACCOUNT The Pix-Star PXT515WR04 FotoConnect XD 15 inch is the biggest in the family of easy-to-use Wi-Fi and email photo frames from Pix-Star. With the ability to receive and send photo-mails directly from the frame, a computer becomes unnecessary. No monthly fee is required. Configuring the Pix-Star frame’s Wi-Fi connection is quick and easy and can be done using a few buttons on the compact remote control. Turn on the frame and ensure it is located within reach of the network you want to connect to. The Wi-Fi network configuration is automatically detected and all you need to know is the network password if your Wi-Fi network is encrypted. There is absolutely no software to install. Once configured the frame works without the need of a computer. It displays beautiful 1024 x 768 resolution photos on a big 15-inch screen. The new Pix-Star PXT510WR04 FotoConnect XD 15 inch LED LCD displays bigger and better images with crisper, brighter and more natural colors. Its 4:3 ratio display is perfectly suited for most digital camera photos as they appear in full screen... No more black strips! It has a 4 GB internal memory, which can store up to 15,000 pictures (may vary depending on picture type). Enjoy the best shots of your family in full screen and full resolution! SHARING, RECEIVING AND SENDING PHOTOS HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY! Send pictures directly to the frame by email! Pix-Star invented the concept of “the frame with an email address” several years ago. Since then, it has been the easiest way to share pictures with friends and family directly from the frame. You can also directly send pictures from one frame to another frame! You can visit www.pix-star.com to register your frame within minutes. Choose a personalized email address for the frame and you are ready to send, receive, share and enjoy pictures on your Pix-Star! Friends and family can now email photos directly from their computer, Smartphone, tablet, or Pix-Star frame to your frame. For instance, your brother takes a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower with his Smartphone. He just has to send it to your Pix-Star email and the picture will arrive on your frame within seconds. Even better, you can send your brother's selfie directly from your frame to your Mum's frame. There is little excuse now to not share your daily life with loved ones. The frame checks for new incoming photo-mails AUTOMATICALLY and an icon is displayed on the screen to inform you when a new photo is received so that you can open it. A sound notification can be added (configurable). You can also tell the frame to automatically accept incoming photo-mails. Grandma won’t need to learn new skills or touch anything to see your photos! You can instantly share your photos for free with friends and family who appear in your contact lists. Customize your contact lists directly on your frame or from your account at www.pix-star.com. Send pictures to your friends, to their Pix-Star frames, or to any email address, so others can see what you see. Connecting with distant friends and family through the magic of pictures has never been easier or faster. Are you worried about spam or unwanted pictures coming to your inbox? The security of your frame and its email address is protected by an advanced email filtering system. Options can be easily configured in your Pix-Star web account. NO TOUCHSCREEN, NO FINGERPRINTS TO WIPE OFF! Enjoy your photos in full screen, full resolution with no fingerprints. This frame has a small remote control and buttons on the back of the frame to complete all tasks without touching the screen. The remote control has been simplified and optimized to use only a few buttons to control the whole unit to make it even easier for anyone to use it. SIMPLICITY AND EASE OF USE Your frame is really easy to use and has an intuitive interface for easier navigation even when you have thousands of photos stored on it. It allows you to organize your pictures so you can display only your external web albums, only your local albums, or a 'Play All' feature, which groups all your photos in the same slide show. As soon as photos are added to your frame, they are automatically resized into a 1024 x 768 format to fit perfectly in the 15-inch high quality display. The LCD screen will present your best shots in a 4:3 aspect ratio and photos will be rotated to their proper orientation automatically. This frame is perfect for those loved ones who are slightly “tech” challenged. Once configured, the frame runs on auto-pilot, accepting photos, automatically rotating, forecasting weather, playing slideshows, and easily bringing joy to so many people. FREE AND EASY REMOTE MANAGEMENT FROM THE WEB + MANAGE UP TO 25 FRAMES FROM 1 ACCOUNT! Each frame comes with a FREE online personal account with unlimited storage for your pictures. It allows you to remotely monitor your frame. Thanks to this dedicated online account, you can help Grandma and Grandpa configure their frame or put new pictures in their account for them. When you login to your personal Pix-Star account from your computer, you can: ADD, DELETE albums or pictures CUSTOMIZE your slideshows MANAGE your contacts and security parameters CONFIGURE your frame's parameters Moreover, it's also possible to manage all your family's Pix-Star frames from one SINGLE account! At Pix-Star we call this a "Multi-frames account". There will be ONE UNIQUE email address created for all the frames (in addition to their unique individual email address they already have) and then you can ask your friends and family members to send pictures to this Multi-Frames account's email address, the photo mails will be dispatched automatically to each frame! Same for web albums, when you create a Pix-Star web album or link one of your Facebook, Google + or other online albums inside the multi-frame account they get automatically to each frame account. Also, each frame keeps its personal email address when being part of a multi-frames account. It means that you can still manage individually and send pictures to a particular frame even if it belongs to a multiple frame account! ACCESS YOUR PICTURES FROM THE LARGEST SELECTION OF ONLINE PICTURE STORAGE PROVIDERS! Pictures can be added by email, an SD card or a USB stick, but Pix-Star also has the option to link your frame with online albums. Pix-Star offers superb and comprehensive support for the largest number of online picture storage providers. For instance your Pix-Star frame can display your albums from Facebook or your friends' albums. We currently offer access to more than 20 providers and our team is always adding new providers. Here are some of the online picture storage providers you’ll be able to access with your Pix-Star: Google +, Facebook, Dropbox, Smugmug, Shutterfly, FlickR, OneDrive, Photobucket, just to name a few. You can also access pictures from Photo RSS feeds. Moreover, your Pix-Star frame updates these albums automatically 3 to 4 times per day to automatically detect when you ADD or REMOVE pictures from the provider's website. Pix-Star syncs with more online albums than any other frame! UPnP – DLNA SUPPORT ALLOWS EASY ACCESS TO PICTURES STORED ON YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER AND LOCAL NETWORKS! Pix-Star has always been about accessing pictures wirelessly from different sources. In addition to accessing your pictures stored in your online personal account, you can now use your Pix-Star to display photos stored on your local network, on your PC (Windows 7 and above), Macintosh (additional software required) or any compatible NAS server. You no longer need to copy or transfer pictures to the frame: you can easily browse through your Pix-Star menu, find your device in the list, click PLAY, and your photos will begin to display in streaming mode. MORE THAN A PHOTO FRAME, A COMPANION OF YOUR DAILY LIFE! Our latest version takes the frame to a new level of entertainment with several hundreds web radio stations, weather forecasts, games for the brain and reminders. Pix-Star is much more than a connected digital photo frame: it assists elderly loved ones, friends, and family in their daily lives. PLAY WEB RADIO STATIONS AND LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC! Listen to your favorite music or stay informed with news stations. Pix-Star offers you the possibility to listen to several hundreds of web radio stations from all over the world. If we don’t have a station pre-programmed, just fill out a request online in your Pix-Star account and we will try to add it. If you want to play your favorite music while you enjoy your photo slideshows just plug in your USB stick of SD card and the frame will play the audio files. For even better audio quality or louder music you can plug in your own portable speaker (USB or jack). WEATHER FORECASTS Your frame can display 3-day forecasts for cities and countries of your choice, a great tool to keep friends and family up to date on the weather where you live. If your city is not on our list just send us a request and we will try to add it for you. GAMES FOR THE BRAIN If you’d like a break from viewing photos, have fun while training your brain through the brain training games! The frame is pre-loaded with games such as Sliding Puzzles, 2048, Sudoku, Mine Sweeper, etc... Moreover, very few Grandparents use recreational high-tech products because they are too complicated. Thanks to its ease of use, Pix-Star wants to make the games accessible and useful. Indeed, with these simple entertaining games we hope it will contribute to help our lovely elderly friends and family to keep their brain fitness and mental acuity longer. ALERTS AND REMINDERS Never miss an appointment thanks to the frame's reminders. One time event? Daily alarm? Birthday? Doctor appointment? Meeting? A bell will ring and a notification will be displayed on your frame at the time you set. This is even more important for seniors because with old age or some sickness such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease... forgetfulness can be very annoying. The elderly can very easily schedule reminders and alarms on regularly basis or not on the frame. This way, both seniors and their relatives can feel relaxed because Pix-Star will help them remember appointments and activities. PLAY SLIDESHOWS YOUR WAY! At Pix-Star we believe that watching pictures should be a delight. That's why we offer you the ability to customize your slideshows in many ways. Through your online personal account, you have the ability to create slideshows with the pictures of your choice – even if they come from different sources. If you want to be surprised when watching your pictures, slideshows can be configured to play photos in different orders such as ‘normal,’ ‘random,’ 'newest first,' 'oldest first,' or even a 'repeat recent pictures' mode where recent pictures are repeated more often in the slide show. Transition time can be adjusted with many predefined values and you can select between many transition effects. You can also rotate pictures. You can easily copy pictures to the frame's local memory using an SD card or a USB stick (with our smart auto-resize feature). Here some parameters you can customize to “slideshow you way”: Play Mode Normal mode Repeat recent pictures (this mode populates the photo list in order to play the latest pictures more frequently) of the last day, 2 days, 3 days, week or month. Only latest pictures (this mode will display only the latest available pictures) of the last day, 2 days, 3 days, week or month. Transitions Horizontal Sliding, Vertical Sliding, Rotations, Zoom in, Flip, Fading, Ken Burns Effect, Boomerang, Wheel Clockwise, Wedge, Multi 1, Multi 2. Display Mode Normal mode (show one picture at a time, keeping the picture's size ratio) Collage 4 pictures (display a collage formed by 4 pictures) Collage 5 pictures (display a collage formed by 5 pictures) Smart Fill (auto fill the screen, stretching the picture if necessary, only when the picture ratio is close to 4:3 to avoid too much distortion. Sorting Mode Alphabetical mode Newest first Oldest first Random Intervals (between each pictures) 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours or 12 hours POWER CONSUMPTION With a power consumption of less than 10W. With the AUTO POWER ON/OFF feature (auto sleep mode) you don't have to unplug your frame before going to sleep or worry about wasting energy. From the frame's settings you can schedule the times when your frame will automatically turn on and off. Emails will still be received even when your frame is off for the night or weekend. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Display size (diagonal): 15 inches - 38.1 cm Display type/backlight: LCD/LED Display brightness/contrast: 250 cd/m2 (600:1) Dimensions (mm): 370x280x30 Display area (mm): 304x228 Display resolution (pixels): 1024x768 Aspect ratio: 4:3 Image file format: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF (including animated GIF) Memory: 4 GB Card support: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC USB port PACKAGE CONTENTS Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame Remote Control AC Power Cord (worldwide compatible, input voltage from 100V up to 240 V) Quick Start Guide User Manual
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Nixplay Edge 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame with Hi-Res Display

Nixplay Edge 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame with Hi-Res Display
Love photos and sharing them? The Nix play Wi-Fi Cloud Photo Frame gives you control over your photos and the power to share them where you want. Place in your loved one's home and easily email photos for instant display. Nixplay Edge - The Quality Choice With a Hi Def IPS Display, photos and videos (USB/SD/SDHC Card) are vivid and clear. Slim, elegant & simply beautiful. With super thin bezels, curved edges & a sleek stand, focus on what's most important: the photo, the memory, the moment. View in portrait or landscape by simply rotating the frame. Fully customizable settings. Create your FREE Nix play Cloud Account From any computer or tablet access your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr & Picasa or upload securely to Nix play online cloud storage. Simple and easy to use. Sync up to 5 frames + 10GB of photo storage (Plus A/c: 10 frames, 30GB storage). Create photo playlists and add captions to photos! Share photos to Multiple Frames Share to frames at home, work, mom and your grandparents anywhere in the world. Create & update different photo playlists easily and choose which frame displays each playlist, or send multiple playlists to each frame! You have complete control.Hu-Motion Sensor for Ultimate Convenience Turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room! Why Nixplay? Nixplay is the leading brand in digital photo frames. With 7 years experience, dedicated customer service & focus on new services and features, we’re committed to delivering high quality frames so you can share & display digital memories in a sophisticated way. Full 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty at the time of purchase, we are ready to assist you.In the Box Nixplay Edge 8 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Frame and Stand (W08C)Quick Start Guide Power Adaptor
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Digital Decor DPF720 Ultra Thin LCD 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame

Digital Decor DPF720 Ultra Thin LCD 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame
This is the ultimate cost effective picture frame for everyone! This ultra thin 7" LCD picture frame displays your pictures with crisp and vibrant colors.
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Digital Foci Photo Safe II OTG (PST-252)

Digital Foci Photo Safe II OTG (PST-252)
Photo Safe II OTG (PST-252) - Portable Photo Storage with Hard Drive and Card Reader - is your essential digital camera companion. Photo Safe II OTG is the third generation design of the original Photo Safe, winner of American Photo 2007 Editor's Choice Award for "Imaging Essentials - Best Buy". Over the second generation Photo Safe II, Photo Safe II OTG adds the ability to connect with Smartphone and Tablet devices that support the USB-OTG standard. Photo Safe II OTG appear as an external storage device to the connected Smartphone or Tablet and allow you to view backed up photos and videos through the Smartphone or Tablet screen. All you have to do is (1) turn it on, (2) insert your memory card, (3) push the copy button - to watch the copy percentage counter run up to 100% and show that all your photos have been copied. Collect all your photos in one secure device. When traveling in groups, easily get a copy of everybody's photos and don't miss any of the memories. At home, connect Photo Safe II to your computer and retrieve your photos. Copy directly from CF (Type I), SD, and SDHC ( note SDXC not supported). Copies all formats (including RAW images and videos), in their original file name and structure. Photo Safe II OTG can copy a full 1 GB card in approximately 3.5 minutes. Its icon backlit LED screen shows key system information, including battery life, remaining hard drive space, and active partition. Copy Status Indicator displays percentage completed during copy, copy confirmation, and number of files copied upon completion. Photo Safe II OTG creates a unique folder name that indicates card type and copy sequence for each copy task to keep you organized. Accessible Li-Ion battery is rechargeable using the included AC power adapter. Compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Package includes Photo Safe II OTG, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, USB-AC Power Adapter, USB-to-DC Cable, mini-USB Cable, micro-USB-OTG Cable, and User Manual.
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Sungale PF1025 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)

Sungale PF1025 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)
Display your favorite photos of family, friends, places, and memories on the Sungale PF1025 Digital Photo Frame. Choose to view photos as a slideshow or single photo display on the bright and vivid high definition (1024x600 pixel) 10.1-Inch LCD screen. Store some photos onto the frame's internal memory or plug in a SD card or Flash Drive for additional memory. Frame comes with a quick start guide and AC adapter.
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Micca M703 7-Inch 800x600 High Resolution Digital Photo Frame With Auto

Micca M703 7-Inch 800x600 High Resolution Digital Photo Frame With Auto On Off Timer (Black)
The Micca M703 displays your treasured photos and memories with incredible clarity. Its natural view LCD screen in 4:3 ratio shows photos in their natural size without excessive cropping. High resolution 800x600 pixels provides over 3 times the screen detail of standard digital photo frames, ensuring that your photos are shown with remarkable image quality, in rich and vibrant colors. See the texture on a leaf, individual bricks of a house, or freckles on a face - everything that lets your photo tell the story of a captured moment. Easy to Use The Micca M703 is very easy to use, with no required setup and no software to install. Just insert a USB flash drive or SD card with photos and the photo slideshow will automatically start. The M703 automatically finds and displays all photos, or you can manually browse and display specific photos. Its versatile slideshow configuration provides sequential or random feature with looped continuous playback. Beautiful and Green The sleek and elegant M703 is less than 1" thick, with a black front frame bezel and curved back, delivering a beautifully modern and sophisticated look. It is also very energy efficient, consuming only 5 watts of power in use, or about 1/3 of an energy-saving CFL light bulb. Displaying photos for 10 hours costs less than one cent of electricity. Convenient auto power on/off feature with versatile scheduling, making the M703 perfect for use in the office or as automated digital signage display. Specification - 7-Inch Widescreen 800x600 LCD Display - Reads USB drives up to 32GB - Reads SD/SDHC cards up to 32GB - Picture Format: JPG - Power Consumption: 5 Watts What's Included - Micca 7" Digital Photo Frame - Owner's Manual - 100-240V AC Power Adapter
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Nixplay Seed 7 inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame - Black

Nixplay Seed 7 inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame - Black
Love photos and sharing them? The Nixplay WiFi Cloud Photo Frame gives you control over your photos and power to share them where you want. Place the frame in your loved one's home and easily email photos for instant display from anywhere in the world, anytime. FREE Nixplay Cloud Account Create your FREE Nixplay Cloud Account that you can access from any computer or tablet. Access all your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr & Picasa or upload them securely to Nixplay online cloud storage. It's simple and easy to use. Sync up to 5 frames and enjoy 10 GB of photo storage (Plus Account: 10 frames, 30 GB of storage, additional storage options). Create photo playlists and personalise photos with captions! Share to Multiple frames Share your photos to multiple frames, for home, work, mom and your grandparents anywhere in the world. Create & update different photo playlists easily and choose which frame displays each playlist, or send multiple playlists to each frame! You have complete control. Hu-Motion Sensor For ultimate convenience, the frame also comes with our 'Hu-Motion' Sensor that turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room! Why Nixplay? Nixplay/NIX is the leading brand in digital photo frames globally. With 7 years experience, a dedicated customer service team and focus on the development of new services and features, we are committed to delivering high quality frames and services that allow you to share and display digital memories in a sophisticated way year after year. We give you a full 1 Year Part's & Labor Warranty at the time of purchase and are ready to assist you in any way.
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Digital Foci DLB-081 D-Light Box - 8" portable digital photo viewer

Digital Foci DLB-081 D-Light Box - 8
Designed for photo lovers, D-Light Box is a portable digital photo album with an 8-inch 800x600 color digital LCD screen and 4GB of internal memory. Featuring a slim design encased in a soft leather-like case for a convenient, elegant photo display, D-Light Box offers over 6 hours of battery life and an easy and portable way to enjoy and share digital photos in a comfortable setting. D-Light Box is ideal for passing around while sitting on a living room sofa and family gatherings. The built-in kickstand also gives you an easy display option. You can have your photos organized by different albums and choose a specific album to view on the D-Light Box. The full folder structure enables you to organize photos just as you would on your computer. Photo Thumbnail View lets you browse through the thumbnails of the photos in a selected photo album. The different layout options available include: 5x4, 6x4, 7x5, 8x6, and 10x7 Thumbnail Views. You can manually scroll through your images, or run an automatic photo slideshow with adjustable time intervals and transition effects. To use, simply load photos to D-Light Boxes Internal Memory from your computer. Or, you can view images directly from an inserted card or USB flash drive. Supported memory cards include SD, SDHC, microSD, Memory Stick, MSPRO and MS Duo. The 4GB internal memory holds thousands of photos, and you can add memory by using D-Light Box with a high-capacity memory card or USB flash drive. The special designated Music Box folder on the Internal Memory of D-Light Box gives you the option to always play the set of music files you saved in the Music Box folder with your photo slideshow. Alternately, you may choose to associate different theme music with specific photo albums by copying files into their respective folders. D-Light Box comes with soft leatherette album case, AC power adapter, Standard USB cable (to computer), and Quick Start Guide.
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NIX Advance- 15 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Moti

NIX Advance- 15 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Motion Sensor & 8GB Memory - X15D
Outstanding Features Intuitive User Interface: including a beautiful Photo Calendar mode 720p HD Video Formats: MP4 (H.264 HD 720p AAC) Ability to Playback Photos and Videos within same Slideshow Playback photos the way you want to see them: A-Z, By Date, Shuffle Fast processor: View thousands of photos and videos from your inserted device. A Breeze to Get Started The NIX Digital Photo Frame is the simplest solution to all your digital photo needs. Just plug in your USB stick or SD/SDHC card and let your photos play. It's that easy! Every Frame includes a USB memory stick for you to put your photos and videos on. This frame is perfect for everyone from professionals, to parents and grandparents who just want a frame that works with the convenience of not having to operate it. Simple and Easy to Use Using the remote, manage the way your photos and videos are displayed. Choose from a variety of photo transitions, change the orientation of your photos and videos and select what photos and videos you want to play. Smart Sensing, Power Saving The 'Hu-Motion' Sensor turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room! For the ultimate convenience, set the frame to switch off after sensing no movement from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Why NIX? NIX is the global leading brand for Digital Photo Frames. With over 8 years of experience and a dedicated customer service team, we are committed to delivering high quality frames and services that allow you to display digital memories in a sophisticated way. To assure you of our quality and service, we give you a Full One Year Parts & Labor Warranty.
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