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Bower M.Power small 2x magnetic tele photo lens

A perfect add-on to the limited lens capabilities of pocket digital cameras, cell phones and PDA's. Wide angle or telephoto lens is one of the most desired accessories, when purchasing a new pocket camera. It is engineered to
mount and dismount effortlessly in seconds with magnetic ring. It can be used with many unthreaded camera lenses thanks to a unique metallic ring that sticks around the camera lens. This magnetic ring can remain permanently on the camera, or can be easily removed if necessary. Doesn't
need any lens tubes, mountes directly on front of the lens using adhesive metallic ring.

Bower M.Power small 2x magnetic tele photo lens Features

  1. Multiply mounting rings to share lens between cameras.Security cord to attach lens to the camera
  2. Perfect accessories for compact digital cameras, mobile phones, smart phones and PDA'a with built-i
  3. Size small. Fits cameras with 10-17mm (3/8" - 11/16") diameter of the front lens
  4. Telephoto 2x magnetic multicoated conversion all glass optics lens with front and rear caps

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