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Black and Red Water Resistant Carry Case / Bag with Belt Loop for Panaso

Black and Red Water Resistant Carry Case Bag with Belt Loop for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 48 EF-K - DMC-FZ70 - DMC-FZ72EB-K - DMC-G5HEB-K - DMC-G5 - DMC-G10 - DMC-GF3 - DMC-GF5 - DMC-GF5KEB-K - G Compact System Camera with Interchangeable Lens - G1 Digital SLR Camera - DMC-LZ30E-K - DMC-LZ30E-R - DMC-FZ1000 - by DURAGADGET
Introducing DURAGADGET's new hardwearing shoulder bag for your expensive digital SLR camera. Featuring a soft, padded lining and durable nylon outer shell, this case will provide maximum protection for your device. The dual steel-rimmed zip closure lends extra security and ensures your device is kept dust and scratch free. With a fully adjustable, detachable shoulder strap and carrying handle, the case provides added versatility and choice in the transportation of your SLR. Featuring a belt loop on the rear of the case, allowing you another dimension of portability. An inner netted zip compartment gives you the option of keeping your accessories and memory requirements close by at all times. The bag is finished with a classic red and black design, so you can transport your SLR in style. Internal size: 165mm Deep x 145mm wide (at the top) x 90mm across. This case is designed for SLR's with either kit lens's or shorter lens's - longer zoom lenses wil not fit (anything that takes the body/lens length over 170mm)
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Nikon 1 J1 HD Digital Camera System with 10-30mm Lens (Silver) (OLD MODE

Nikon 1 J1 HD Digital Camera System with 10-30mm Lens (Silver) (OLD MODEL)
The Nikon 1 J1 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 10-30mm VR Zoom Lens (Silver) is a compact and easily portable digital camera with a 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR Zoom Lens. The mirrorless design allows the camera to be extra-small and lightweight, while still retaining all of the best qualities of a mirrored model. Featuring a high-resolution 10.1MP CX-Format High-Speed AF CMOS Sensor and an EXPEED 3 dual image processor, this small device packs some punch. The sensor enables great photos even in low light, while the EXPEED 3 enables superior system performance, high-speed processing, advanced phase detection autofocus and high-speed data transfer rates.The J1 comes with a 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR Zoom Lens, featuring up to 3x magnification and a silent stepping AF motor (STM). The lens has image stabilization (VR II) to combat the effects of camera shake. The angle of view ranges from 29° 40" to 77°. The lenss minimum focus distance is 0.66 (0.2m), and the filter size is 40.5mm. The 10-30mm is a versatile lens for applications ranging from wide-angle to tight portrait shots, and applies 3 aspherical lens elements to ensure high image quality, even at the widest aperture settings. The 10-30mm zoom range enables excellent capture of fine detail, even in far-away shots. Internal Focusing / IF technology enables more compact, lightweight construction, as well as a closer focusing distance. A multi-layer lens coating helps reduce ghost and flare to a negligible level.The J1 camera has an interchangeable lens system, allowing you to select from 3 optional 1 NIKKOR lenses in addition to the included one. Theres even a lens designed specifically for movie filming. Swapping lenses is quick and easy, enabling you to stay at-the-ready at all times. Aside from the 10-30 mm focal length of the included lens, you may choose a single focal length of 10 mm or a 30-110mm telephoto.A highly responsive autofocus and a fast shooting speed
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Canon EF-M 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Image Stabilization STM Compact System Lens

Canon EF-M 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Image Stabilization STM Compact System Lens
Designed for use with the EOS M Compact Systems Digital Camera, the new EF-M 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM lens offers a compact and lightweight design for easy portability. Its image stabilization system provides up to four equivalent stops of shake correction to deliver stunning video and photos without blur. A seven-blade circular aperture helps create beautiful, soft backgrounds for expressive video and portraits!
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Precision Design 2.5x Telephoto & .45x Wide-Angle Macro Digital Lens

Precision Design 2.5x Telephoto & .45x Wide-Angle Macro Digital Lenses (for 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm Filter Size)
These handy lenses have been designed to enhance your wide angle, telephoto and macro capabilities, while maintaining the full autofocus and auto exposure operations of your camera. Construction from durable, lightweight aluminum, these attachments easily fit to the front of most small-diameter lenses with a filter thread, and are themselves threaded to accept filters. The all-glass lens elements are fully coated to reduce reflections and flare, and will match the optical quality of today's high-performance digital cameras and camcorders. Each lens is supplied with front and rear lens caps, and soft case for protection. These lenses will fit the following filter mounts: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm NOTE: These add-on lenses work best with standard focal length lenses, such as 18-55mm lenses included with most DSLR cameras. 2.5x Telephoto Lens: When your camera can't get you close enough to capture the action in detail, this 2.5x Telephoto lens will bring the action to you! Optically multiplying the focal length of your camera's lens by a factor of 2.5, it more than doubles your telephoto magnification and detail without any pixelization. This is dramatically better than the "Digital Zoom" feature of many cameras where the magnification is obtained by enlarging the existing image, resulting in a loss of sharpness. 0.45x Wide Angle Lens:When you've run out of room, and can't possibly fit anything else into the frame, this 0.45x Wide Angle adapter will allow you to capture it all! This 0.45x wide angle attachment more than doubles your camera's wide angle field-of-view. Scenic shots will be more panoramic and you'll be able to take outstanding group photos, even in tight places.In addition, the detachable Macro Lens enables you to photograph small objects up close. Great for jewelry, coins, stamps, flowers, and more.
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LENSPEN MiniPro II Lens Cleaning System for Compact Digital Point &

LENSPEN MiniPro II Lens Cleaning System for Compact Digital Point & Shoot Cameras and Video Camcorders including Canon Powershot - Fuji Finepix - Kodak - Nikon Coolpix - Panasonic Lumix & Sony Cybershot
Kit includes:♦ 1) Lenspen Mini Pro II Compact Lens Pen Cleaning System♦ 2) Lenspen DigiKlear LCD Monitor Pen Digital Display Cleaning System♦ 3) Precision Design 5-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning KitThe Lenspen Mini Pro II has a unique design that makes cleaning your LCD screen fast and simple. On one end, a retractable soft brush sweeps dust and particles away. On the other end, a dry cleaning compound to remove fingerprints and spots.The Lenspen DigiKlear's special triangular tip gives it the ability to clean the corners of many screens that would otherwise remain covered in dust and grime. The result is a crystal clear screen in just seconds!This 5-piece cleaning kit contains everything you'll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Blower Brush and Cotton Swabs.
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LensPen MiniPro II Lens Cleaning System + Precision Design Cleaning Kit

LensPen MiniPro II Lens Cleaning System + Precision Design Cleaning Kit for Compact Digital Point & Shoot Cameras and Mini-camcorders & Canon Powershot - Nikon Coolpix - & Sony Cybershot
Kit includes:♦ 1) LensPen MiniPro II Lens Cleaner♦ 2) Precision Design 6-Piece Deluxe Cleaning KitThe LensPen MiniPro II Lens Cleaner is the simple and effective way to clean your optics when they get dirty out in the field — before the dust, dust, and grime begin to build up, becoming more and more difficult to remove. The LensPen is simple to use: 1) Slide out the retractable brush, using it to remove any dust particles; 2) Remove the end cap to expose the cleaning pad; 3) Using a smooth, circular motion, wipe the lens surface with the unique flexible cleaning pad. If any smudges remain, just breathe gently on the lens and repeat the cleaning process. The unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out and is both environmentally-friendly and non-toxic.The Precision Design 6-Piece Deluxe Cleaning Kit includes what you need to keep your equipment sparkling clean. The environmentally-friendly Hurricane Air Blower is a real dust-blaster. It's nothing like those tiny blower brushes which are capable of producing only a gentle breath of air. When you squeeze this deluxe Air Blower you get a focused gust of air that really pushes the dust off. Using the blower should always be the first step in cleaning your photo equipment. The soft, natural-hair Cleaning Brush helps remove any stubborn particles. A Microfiber Lens and LCD Cleaning Cloth is included for convenient in-the-field cleaning. The Lens Cleaning Liquid is used to lightly moisten a sheet of Lens Tissue to remove stubborn fingerprints and environmental pollutants from your lens. The included Cotton Swabs are very useful for caring for the exterior (non-optical) surface of your equipment.This value-packed LensPen MiniPro II & Precision Design Cleaning Combo Kit is the perfect companion to help you clean your compact digital point-and-shoot camera or mini-camcorder.
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Olympus PEN E-P1 12.3 MP Micro Four Thirds Interchangeable Lens Digital

Olympus PEN E-P1 12.3 MP Micro Four Thirds Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera (Body Only)
The new PEN offers groundbreaking technology to a whole new generation of users - users that have active lifestyles both online and off. They shoot pictures and videos, like to download, upload and share their lives. The E-P1 offers it all. It's the world's smallest 12.3-megapixel interchangeable-lens camera, provides superior optics, interchangeable lenses and multimedia capabilities - and combines the creative freedom of a digital SLR with the simple controls and small size of a point-and-shoot. It uses a 12.3-megapixel high speed Live MOS Sensor and the newly developed TruePic V image-processing engine to capture high resolution images, exquisite detail and accurate color with low noise. With three modes of image stabilization built right into the camera body, the E-P1 compensates for camera shake in any direction, and with any lens. Olympus' proven Dust Reduction System ensures spot-free photos - no retouching required - with the exclusive Supersonic Wave Filter. With high-sensitivity shooting at ISO 6400, the E-P1 takes brighter, clearer shots in low-light situations. It has 6 Art Filters to apply to pictures and movies. It shoots HD-quality movies, too. With its abilities and stylish design, the photographic possibilities are endless. Lens Mount - Micro Four Thirds Mount Recording Format - DCF, DPOF/Exif, Print Image Matching III File Format - RAW, JPEG, RAW+JPEG Recording Image Size - (RAW) 4032x3024 pixels; (JPEG) 4032x3024 pixels - 640x480 pixels Recording Movie Format - AVI Motion JPEG (30fps) Movie Mode - HD - 1280(H)x720(V) Aspect 16 - 9; SD - 640(H)x480(V) Aspect 4 - 3 (VGA) TruePic V image-processing engine are the same as used in all the Olympus E-System DSLRs In-Body Image Stabilization & Dust Reduction System Bring style to your photos with 6 Art Filters - Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole Create Multiple Expsosure & shoot in Mult
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Kodak PIXPRO S-1 Compact System Digital Camera with 12-45mm Lens, 400mm

Kodak PIXPRO S-1 Compact System Digital Camera with 12-45mm Lens - 400mm Bonus Lens and 3
Great things do come in small packages. Meet the KODAK PIXPRO S-1 Compact System Camera and unleash your creativity. This powerful, micro four thirds model features a slim body and design with an interchangeable lens and manual focus. A 16MP CMOS sensor and 1080p HD video produce crystal clear images with razor sharp detail. Wireless connectivity, 4 fps multi-burst and a large 3" articulating LCD are just a few of the features that set this camera apart from the rest. KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras. Tell your story.
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Fujifilm X-M1 Compact System 16MP Digital Camera Kit with 16-50mm Lens a

Fujifilm X-M1 Compact System 16MP Digital Camera Kit with 16-50mm Lens and 3-Inch LCD Screen (Silver)
X-M1 Kit with 16-50mm (Silver)
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Camera Case,K&F Concept Camera Shoulder Bag for Canon Nikon DSLR Pho

Camera Case - K&F Concept Camera Shoulder Bag for Canon Nikon DSLR Photo Camera Lens and Camera Accessories
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