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Blue Crane Digital Introduction to the Canon Rebel T4i/650D (zBC149)

Blue Crane Digital Introduction to the Canon Rebel T4i 650D (zBC149)
Introduction to the Canon Rebel T4i / 650D Advanced Topics Push your creativity to the limit with the Canon Rebel T4i / 650D! Explore this camera's advanced settings and learn to apply them in real-world situations, so you can produce stunning images and videos. Exposure and Movie Settings: Get the best exposure for your images, whether you are shooting in natural light or with a Canon Speedlite. Learn how to tailor the settings so you can shoot crisp images free of digital noise. We also demystify the camera's movie controls, allowing you to choose the optimal settings for your video project. Advanced Focus Settings and Controls: The T4i is endlessly configurable. Program the Autofocus system and camera buttons so you can focus instantly on a subject. We demonstrate methods for avoiding camera blur, and have tips for choosing the right lens for your photos and videos. Color Properties: Discover how to control color properties and build new Picture Styles. Then, see how you can combine these color properties with lighting to create a compelling image. Preparation is Key: Spend less time with camera menus and more time recording amazing images. Follow our guidelines for creating a ritual that will prepare you and the camera for every shoot. This DVD is intended for photographers who have a working knowledge of digital photography and of the T4i's main camera controls. Watch this presentation, and you will gain the knowledge needed to concentrate on the most important task of all: capturing the image you want, the way you see it. Running Time: 100 minutes NTSC: All Regions
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Nikon COOLPIX S6800 16MP 1080p HD Video Digital Camera (White) with Comp

Nikon COOLPIX S6800 16MP 1080p HD Video Digital Camera (White) with Compact Digital Camera Deluxe Carrying Case - 16GB Memory Card - Mini Tripod - and 3 Piece Lens Cleaning Kit
Zoom in and grab a great shot, then instantly share it with your friends and family.Pull out the stylish, ultra-slim COOLPIX S6800, zoom in and capture a beautiful photo or Full HD 1080p video, then watch it instantly appear on your compatible smartphone or tablet! Your friends won't believe the photos and videos you share - dramatic low-light shots, extreme close-ups, flattering portraits, artistic creations and so much more. And when you need maximum zoom power, zoom in to a whopping 12x optical zoom and 24x Dynamic Fine Zoom. Zoom, capture and share - it's that simple! Get even closer to what matters - Zoom in even farther with Dynamic Fine Zoom Every COOLPIX is designed around a genuine NIKKOR glass lens, the legendary optics that have helped make Nikon famous. The COOLPIX S6800s 12x optical zoom lens goes from wide-angle - great for portraits and landscapes - all the way up to telephoto - great for closeups of sports, concerts, nature and more. When you need even more reach, zoom up to 12x with optical zoom and 24x with Dynamic Fine Zoom, an enhanced digital zoom function that effectively doubles your reach. Your smartphone's new best friend - Built-in Wi-Fi for instant photo sharing and remote camera control with a compatible smartphone or tablet Your smartphone or tablet will be your favorite accessory! Take beautiful photos with the COOLPIX S6800 and watch them instantly appear on your compatible smartphone or tablet. Then share them without missing a beat - text the...
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Olympus SH-1 16 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Olympus SH-1 16 MP Digital Camera (Black)
Advanced Movie mode (high-speed movies & photo in movie capture)
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Accessory Kit for Canon EOS 5D 20D 30D & 40D Digital SLR Camera with

Accessory Kit for Canon EOS 5D 20D 30D & 40D Digital SLR Camera with Transcend 2GB 133X CompactFlash (CF) Card + Spare BP-511 Battery for Canon + High Speed USB 2.0 CompactFlash (CF) Card Reader + Deluxe Photo Video 57
Kit includes: 1) Transcend 2GB CompactFlash (CF) Card; 2) Spare BP-511 Battery; 3) High Speed USB CompactFlash (CF) Card Reader; 4) Deluxe SLR System Camera Bag/Case; 5) Deluxe Photo/Video 57" Tripod; 6) Deluxe 5-Piece Cleaning Kit; 7) Digital Camera Universal LCD Monitor Screen Protectors; 8) ImageRecall Digital Image Recovery Software; 9) Memory Card Storage Wallet; 10) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth; >>> With this kit you have: Additional Memory & Power LCD care Memory card storage and Protection a Tripod Case and more! This kit includes all of the accessories you would need for your Canon EOS 5D 10D 20D 30D & 40D Digital SLR System. You can take this kit with you where ever you shoot. >>> Transcend 2GB Card: More memory means more pictures. >>> Deluxe SLR System Camera Bag/Case: Protect your valuable camera investment with this pro camera carrying case. >>> High Speed USB 2.0 Card Reader: Provides easier and faster image and file transfer for editing and storing on your computer from any CF Type I or Type II card. >>> Digital Image Recovery Software: RECOVER LOST OR DELETED IMAGES FROM YOUR MEMORY CARDS. Professional Image Recovery with NO expert knowledge required! >>> Spare BP-511 Battery: A spare rechargeable battery is essential. No battery no pictures! >>> Memory Card Storage Wallet: Keep multiple memory cards protected and organized with this durable storage wallet. >>> LCD Monitor Screen Protection Kit: Reduces glare Enhances view Supplied in 4 sizes for a custom fit Prevents scratching wear and damage Helps to maintain LCD and camera warranty >>> 5 Piece Lens Cleaning Kit: Lens Cleaning Tissue Lens Cloth Lens Cleaning Liquid Blower Brush Cotton Swabs >>> Tripod with Carrying Case: lightweight and sturdy tripod supplied with a fitted case and strap; it can be easily taken anywhere to gain maximum performance from your Camera with case.
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Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision
Compact and lightweight - you can comfortably monitor your baby while on the go. The original Infant Optics DXR-5 is a compact video baby monitor that will give you a peace-of-mind no matter where you are in your house. Designed with portability in mind, its slim and lightweight body frame makes it easy to monitor your baby even with an active lifestyle. Equipped with a 2.4 GHz digital wireless FHSS communication link, the DXR-5 is 100% secure and provides superior sound and video clarity. The video monitor features a 2.4 inch super bright TFT screen, which is powere by a rechargeable Li-on battery that allows hours of portable usage. Boasting a 150 foot indoor range and an impressive 800 foot outdoor reception range1, you will always be connected, no matter where you are in the house. The DXR-5 features all the reliability and intuitive functionality you would expect from Infant Optics. Advanced video chipset provides seemingly smooth 30 frames per second video playback without lag. The "White Noise Eliminator" module eliminates any annoying static noise once your child is fast asleep. Loaded with Only the Features You Really Need Don't pay more for supposed 'added-value' gimmick features you will never use. This baby monitor is designed with simplicity in mind. Not only is it easy to setup and operate, but its affordable price will leave extra money in your pockets that can be spent on your baby instead. Secure FHSS Data Encryption Using FHSS technology, each camera securely transmits encrypted video and audio data to your monitor unit. You can rest assured that no one else is viewing your video or audio feed. Streaming Video Feed at 30 Frames per Second Surpassing the standards of modern 2.4 GHz video monitors, the DXR-5 features smoothly streaming full-color videoat an impressive rate of 30 frames per second. 2.4" Full-color TFT Screen with Infrared Night Vision Using invisible infrared light, the DXR-5 allows you to see up to 15 feet in complete darkness. This useful feature toggles on and off for use when you need it. Convenient Portable Monitoring The DXR-5 features a long-lasting battery-powered monitor for easy and convenient transport throughout the day. Fitted with a 900mAh Li-on battery, it can operate with or without its power adapter. "White Noise Eliminator" Module The DXR-5 features a built-in audio shutoff module designed to eliminate any white noise or static when the sound level is below a predetermined level for 10 seconds. The system reactivates the audio once any noise is detected. You will enjoy better stuff, whilst knowing that your reliable monitor is doing its job. (Feature can be toggled on or off.) When in standby power-saving mode, a single sound will turn the DXR-5 monitor back on, automatically. Voice Activated Power Saver Mode (Standby Mode) In VOX standby mode, you'll save energy, while still being alert. After 3 minutes of quietness2, the energe efficient monitor turns off, conserving electricity and your battery. When the camera detects any sound in this 'standby mode', the unit automatically turns back on. (Feature can be toggled on or off.) Expandable with Extra Camera Capacity As your family grows, the DXR-5 can too, supporting up to 4 total camera units simultaneously. Switch through video channels by simply clicking a button on the monitor unit.3 Quick Setup With 3 easy steps, your video monitor will be setup and ready to monitor in just minutes. Simply plug the adapter into the camera and monitor unit, then turn both the units on and you are ready to go. There are absolutely no tedious software setup processes. Easy to Setup Anywhere Our easy-to-install system includes wall mounting screws, as well as a vertical mounting stand which allows the camera to tilt down from an elevated position. 1Optimum range is 150 feet when signal is passing through thick walls or floors. Microwave ovens (when in use) can cause signal disruption at close range. Buildings with metal frames may also cause signal disrutption. 800 foot transmission range achievable in open area without obstructions. 2When sound level is below 60 decibels for 3 minutes, the monitor will automatically switch to standby mode. 3Camera units cannot be paired to multiple monitor units. Other Infant Optics Products DXR-8 Pan/tilt/zoom 3.5" Video MonitorAdvanced monitor featuring "Interchangeable Optical Lens." DXR-5 Additional Camera UnitPairs with existing DXR-5 monitor unit.Expand up to four camera units.
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RAVPower SD Card Reader, Wireless Hard Drive Companion, Wireless Bridge,

RAVPower SD Card Reader - Wireless Hard Drive Companion - Wireless Bridge - 3000mAh External Battery Pack Travel Charger - FileHub WD01 Black
Ever wonder how to share your Medias videos, photos, documents wirelessly on the go? Be upset for the limited storage of your cell phone/tablet? Simply plug in a USB or SD card, and everyone who connects to the FileHub's private network can freely transfer files. [Notes: Does not work with Mac formatted hard drive. - Due to the limitation of the Apple iOS system, you can ONLY access the Photos folder on your iPad/iPhone] ;Filehub is currently unable to sync with media files stored in iTunes to USB storage devices due to digital rights management (DRM).
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LimoStudio 32 Inch Video Stabilization System DSLR Camera Compact Dolly

LimoStudio 32 Inch Video Stabilization System DSLR Camera Compact Dolly Track Slider - AGG1566
(1) x 32" Linear Camera Track Dolly Slider The track slider allows you to slide your camcorders, SLR cameras, DSLR or DV while shooting video.It can be positioned on a tripod or attach it flipped over on two tripods to capture dynamic shots.Two removable height adjustable legs are also included for using the slider on the ground and allows you to adjust them for uneven surfaces. Product Features- Portable camera slider. Easy to carry and use, set up in minutes. - Made of aluminum alloy with 32" (81cm) long track.- Built in Bubble level indicator to set a perfect angle when the slider is positioned. - Base plate with 1/4" and 3/8" screw threads optional for versatile usage. - Three 1/4" to 3/8" adapter/ bushing for universal mount ability on tripods.- Max load: 22Lbs (10KG).* Camera and Stand are not included.*
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"Zeikos ZE-TR26A 50-Inch Photo/Video Travel Tripod Includes Deluxe

The Zeikos 50-Inch Photo and Video tripod features a built-in bubble level, a 3-way fluid pan head, rapid action leg locks and 4 section legs. It includes a deluxe carrying case and has a 10 year limited warranty.
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Golla G1265 Camera Bag M, Don (Black)

Golla G1265 Camera Bag M - Don (Black)
Golla Camera Bag (M)
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 12 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and S

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 12 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization (Bronze)
"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 camera combines style with power and intelligence. At just over 5/8” (16.3mm) thin, the T900 comes in 4 sophisticated colors and has a stylish look. With the T900 taking great pictures is now easier than ever. The iAuto mode goes beyond the traditional auto mode, thinking and working for you; recognizing scenes, lighting conditions, faces, and automatically adjusts camera settings resulting in clearer images, and faces with more natural skin tones and less blur. T900 also features HD Movie mode, recording in 720p and stereo sound for capturing your precious moments on video. Compose, review, and share your memories on the dazzling 3.5” high-resolution (921k pixels) touch-screen LCD. The DSC-T900 offers a step up in features and capabilities from the T90 with a larger and higher quality touch-screen LCD, and HDMI output with the included stand and stereo sound for movie recording.
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