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February 12, 2010

How To View Photos On A Television Screen

There are lots of ways you can look at your digital photos.  But how about turning your TV into a large photo album that scrolls through all your pictures?

You can do it by connecting your digital camera directly to your TV, but it isn’t the tidiest method.  Instead you are better off burning the images onto a CD and using that.

You’ll need to have a DVD player that is capable of playing CDs as well, otherwise the disc won’t work.  Before you burn the disc make sure you have a disc that is the right format to be accepted by your player.  Otherwise you will go to all the trouble of burning your photographs onto a disc you cannot use.

So for example, if your player takes CD minus discs, use those.  If it takes CD pluses, use those.  And if it takes recordable (CD-R) discs it is even better because you can record fresh photo albums to view on your television as and when you want.

When you insert the disc into the player you’ll need to have your television switched on and on the right channel required to view the picture from the DVD player.  You should then see a menu screen appear for the disc, just as you would for a normal DVD.  It is then a simple matter of playing the disc and watching as the images you have burn onto the CD appear on your screen.  You might want to adjust the settings on your TV if necessary to get the best picture.

As you can see this is a great way to make use of your television.  It’s good to be able to look through a traditional photo album that has your pictures in it too.  But watching them scroll through on your TV means everyone can see them and enjoy them at the same time.  Why not try this method of viewing your photos the next time you come back from vacation and want to show the whole family what you got up to?

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