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December 30, 2009

Improve Your Photos With Photo Editing Software

Are your digital photos lacking in quality?  Do you struggle to take a perfect image and end up being disappointed at the pictures you finally transfer over to your computer?

Don’t worry too much if this describes the situation you find yourself in.  There are plenty of options available as far as software is concerned that will help you improve the quality of your photographs.

One of the best is called GIMP.  This stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, which should give you a basic idea of what to expect from it.  One bonus of using this software is that it is free, but it is also highly regarded and exceptionally versatile.

So what does it let you do to your pictures?

Well for starters you can retouch them to make up for all the little errors and distortions of color that can occur at the time you take them.  One good example is that sometimes a picture can turn out distorted when you take it.  The camera lens can do this but GIMP can rectify the matter for you.  Instead of looking as if you have taken the picture through a fish eye lens, it will appear full on and perfectly straight as it should do.

You can also play around with the colors and even make your black and white pictures look far more striking.  A channel mixer comes as part of the software to allow you to make countless changes in this respect until you are happy with the final result.

You will also find that several different types of photo formats are accepted to use with the GIMP software.  The most popular types such as GIF and JPG are present, along with several others.

Resizing your photographs is also possible with GIMP.  There are two reasons you might want to do this.  Firstly you may just want to change the sizing to fit in a particular photo frame once printed.  And secondly if you want to use the photo online you may need to make the photo file smaller to make it easier to use.

There are several more advanced things you can do with photo editing software like GIMP as well.  For example:

  • you can crop a picture to get rid of background you don’t want
  • you can stitch different photos together or layer them in some way
  • you can add special effects to make a photograph look like an oil painting, a stained glass window, a sepia toned picture or even a black and white picture

The best thing to do once you have downloaded the software for GIMP is to take a picture you like and experiment with it.  You’ll soon see how it works and just how big the possibilities are.

You will probably find too that once you are used to making small touch ups and alterations to your photos, you will start doing more ambitious things to them as well.  You could soon become an expert at altering your photographs on your computer.

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