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February 4, 2010

How To Burn Photos Onto A CD

Even if you have your photographs saved onto your computer there are plenty of reasons why you might also want to save them onto a CD.  For starters it provides you with a hard copy of your pictures.  If anything should happen to your computer you will be glad you did this.

So how do you do it?

Well you can buy photo editing software if you are likely to use it, as these normally have a burning system included as well.  There is also free software available.  But you can also do it the old fashioned way using your PCs operating system.  The process may differ slightly depending on which operating system you have, but for Windows Vista it works like this.

First you have to find and select the photographs you want to burn to a disc.  Make sure you only highlight the ones you want to burn by holding down the Control button and clicking on those you want.

Put a blank disc into your disc drive – making sure it is compatible with your machine – and then click the burn button which will appear in the menu at the top of the page with the photos on.  You should then see a window which shows you the temporary files and gives you a button to click to burn those files onto the disc.

Follow the steps in the Wizard that appears on the screen and that’s all there is to it.  The time it will take to burn will depend on how many photos you are copying to the disc.  Remember that the photos will still remain on your computer – all you are doing is burning a copy.

You can rename the file as you go through the Wizard as well if you wish.  This is ideal if you happen to have a lot of different pictures on one disc.  It will help you to separate different types of pictures from each other.  And of course you can also put different categories of photos on different discs as well – whatever works for you.

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