The Discover Digital website is a practical guide for people with a digital photo camera. It is written for amateur photographers and avoids the use of difficult technical terminology and the need of expensive special equipment. Instead this website emphasises on good photography: how you can get better results with your digital camera. How to compose your photos better. How to use light better. How to choose your point of view. How to develop a ‘photographic eye’. The modern digital photo cameras are small and light and have many built in features that you can use to your advantage. The use of the automatic mode makes it easy for you as a amateur photographer to make fast decisions. However, the use of some of the manual settings will enable you to get the best out of your digital camera. You will also learn what you can do with your photos once they are stored on your digital photo camera. You will be surprised of how flexible digital photo files are and the many possibilities they offer. The Discover Digital website will help you to choose a good digital photo camera with the minimum of required features and for the lowest price. If you already are the proud owner of a digital photo camera, I would like to invite you to read that part of the website anyway. You will discover advantages and disadvantages of high resolution and high ‘digital’ zoom factor. It is better to read the advice a few times before you make the decision to invest in a digital photo camera. You will have more knowledge on the subject. This website will help you to use your digital photo camera with pleasure and to improve your photographic skills tremendously. I hope you will enjoy reading it and that it will make photography one of your favourite hobbies for every season of the year. Rudy Dhondt owner of the Discover Digital website.

Discover Digital Photo introduces you to digital photography. The main goal is to help you choose the right digital quality camera for the lowest price possible and to learn how to make professional looking photos with a simple digital pocket camera. This website will be updated on a regular basis. You can add our website to your favourites by pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard. Sincerely, Rudy Dhondt

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