Holding the camera There are several ways in which you can hold the camera, depending on the situation. You will always try to hold the camera as steady as possible. Unless you are using a tripod, always:

  • Use both hands when you can not put it on a horizontal object.
  • Make sure you don’t cover the lens or the flash with your fingers, or any other object.
  • Hold your elbows against your body, this will improve stability.

The camera can also be held vertically in some cases. For example, if you want to shoot photos of large buildings, this will result in a better composed photo. If you want to take a photo of a smaller subject then try to bring the camera to the same height. In case your camera has a large lens, as on a SLR camera, you can put your free hand under the lens as shown in the photo below:


holding a SLR camera

Tip: Don’t use the LCD monitor as a viewfinder. You’ll see people using the LCD monitor as a viewfinder to take photos very often, but this is actually not a very good idea:

  • The camera will move while taking the shot.
  • The viewfinder does not show the entire frame.

Instead use the optical viewfinder to take your photos. The LCD monitor can be used to watch the photos after they have been taken and to go through the settings menu.

Tip: If possible, disable the LCD monitor. Only use it to adjust the settings of your camera. This will save you a lot of battery energy. On most digital cameras the LCD monitor can be disabled and enabled with the push of a button.